*fully embraces wine mom culture at age 19*


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To be loved or to be free


it’s not about your boobs ladies. it’s about what’s under your boobs. your lungs, because we are gonna be blazing a lot of kush and you need to keep up.

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"I wrote a poem," he threatened


On Female Body Hair.

Sophia Loren

Female body hair is a very taboo thing in many countries. Mostly im talking about the United States of America because that is where I reside. Even in certain parts of America hairy females are treated differently depending on how lax the people are about female customs and stereotypes. It’s funny how you can travel from one side of the states to the other and get everything from friendly smiles to awkward stares. 

This, is Sophia Loren, a culture icon as being an actress and all around entertainer on the big screen. And sexy, too. But, what have we have here, visable female body hair! Yes, women have hair. 

Hair is a fetish. Hair can be sexy. Hair can be free. Hair can be wild. Hair can be…normal.

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jumping on the bandwagon before it rolls away

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Unfortunately, this world has us so stripped of basic human affection and healthy human connection… that when we finally find a person we connect with, it’s really easy to become addicted and overly attached, and possessive of them. And disappointed when they don’t act like how we idealize they should act.
It’s always a great pursuit to romance, love, and heal yourself first, instead of looking for others to do it for you. Not easy, but it’s kind of a big deal if you want a peaceful life.
I’m easily lost in others and have to constantly pull myself back from looking to them to save me.
Hell, all humans are simply works-in-progress, though.
Wish there was more healthy love in this world.

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